Smart Ways to Clean in your House

Cleaning is probably one of the most annoying household chores, whether you’re a full-time employee or a busy college student, we all agree that cleaning is a hassle. Luckily with the modern age of the internet, it is much easier to access information nowadays, such as news, lifestyle, fashion, home decor and many more. One of the benefits of having access to the internet is to read on how to clean efficiently, perfect for you people who need to clean up fast. Here we have listed several hacks on how to clean in your house, read this article to find out more about it.

Getting rid of pet hair

Perhaps you have a dog or a cat, and their hair might get everywhere, in the rug, in the mat or even on your couch. Vacuuming can be a great way to get rid of the pet’s hair, but it can’t be used on the sofa unless you have a mini vacuum, which will cost a lot if you have to buy a new one. Our tip on getting rid of pet’s hair is to wet or dampen a towel or rubber gloves and just start scrubbing on the area where you want it to get cleaned, guaranteed for a clean couch from your dog’s hair.

Lint roller to the rescue

This tip is similar to before; lint roller can also be used to get rid of pet’s hair, they are also perfect to get rid of dust and dirt. A lint roller is ideal when a vacuum can’t reach certain corners or crannies in your place, for example in your car, for your couch and many more. So the next time you want to save money, instead of buying a mini vacuum buy a lint roller instead as they’re a lot cheaper.

Lemon for your microwave

Instead of using harsh chemicals for your microwave, opt for lemon juice instead. Get yourself a microwaveable bowl, fill it with some water and some lemon juice, microwave for 3 minutes, leave it for 5 minutes and wipe it off with a tissue or cloth. This tip will help a lot to clean the dirt and grimes while giving your microwave a fresh lemony scent.

Tip: besides for cleaning the microwave the lemon can also be used to clean stains on a cutting board, which all you have to do is scrub it on the cutting board and rinse it off with warm water.